SEARS 35th Anniversary

SEARS, the South Essex Amateur Radio Society, launched in 1982. In celebration of the club’s 35th Anniversary, members met at the club’s new venue on Kiln Road, Thundersley for a celebratory meeting. This took place on Tuesday the 8th of August 2017.

A special 25th anniversary cake had been purchased for the evening, and very tasty it was too!

SEARS 35th Anniversary Cake
SEARS 35th Anniversary Cake

Allen G7CDO, the member who has been a member of the club for the longest period of time, was there for the celebration, and the committee outlined plans for a couple of upcoming events, with the next being at the Canvey Yacht Club on the 19th of August.

SEARS members celebrating their 35th anniversary
SEARS members celebrating their 35th anniversary
Chairman Terry, cutting the cake
Chairman Terry, cutting the cake

There was a short break in proceedings at 19:38, when a group of members headed outside to try to hear the ISS downlink, part of the YOTA 2017 event at Gilwell Park (See YOTA 2017 ARISS Contact). Sadly, due to a downlink issue, the contact didn’t go ahead, although a successful contact occurred on the following orbital path.

Well done to all concerned for organising a celebratory meet-up in honour of 35 years of SEARS.

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