Problem logging in to Essex Ham

Occasionally we hear from members unable to log in to our site. It is usually for one of three reasons:

Logging in with the wrong username

Make sure you are trying to log in with the correct username. Your email address is also valid as a username, if you’ve forgotten

Logging in with the wrong password

If you’ve forgotten the password, you can request a new one is sent to you from “Forgot Password” at the login screen.

Passwords are case-sensitive, so check you’re typing it in correctly.

Your machine is sending oud details

If you have changed passwords but still can’t get in, this normally means that your machine is sending an old password. Often this is stored in a cookie, or on a password manager on your machine and the problem is that your machine is sending login data automatically. Fixes here include:

  • Turn off your password manager (if you have one), or update the saved password
  • Clear your browser cookies / cache
  • Log on with a different browser


If you’re still having problems, please contact us with your username, the email address you registered with and the exact error message, and we’ll try to help.