Essex Ham Email Discussion Group

Essex Ham has it’s own Email Discussion Group. In 2017, we switched this from Yahoo Groups to

What is a discussion group?

If you’re not familiar with one of these, it’s an email group where you’re able to send an email to a single address, and it’s received by all of the members of that list – you can have a group discussion over email. They’re often referred to as “Reflectors”.

How do I sign up?

To keep it simple, we’re using a group. You can sign up by sending an email or completing an online registation.

To join, send an email to, or better still, go to


Screenshot of Essex Ham's discussion group
Screenshot of Essex Ham’s discussion group


How do I use the group?

Use the following email address to send a message to the group:

To unsubscribe, send an email to

You can optionally access an online archive of posts here:

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