Essex Ham Videos: Amateur Radio Promotion

We’ve created a number of short amateur radio videos that you might find useful. See our main UK amateur radio videos page for a full list.

On this page, you’ll find a collection of videos created by Essex Ham that can be used to help promote the hobby. You can sign up to get new videos on the Essex Ham YouTube feed.

Please feel free to share these, embed on your website, or use them at a club night, training course or amateur radio event. Other formats are available (contact us)

Amateur Radio Promotion

A Taste of Amateur Radio

A four minute introduction to the hobby, and how to get started.

Amateur Radio Two Minute Teaser

A shorter version offering a 2-minute teaser showing today’s UK amateur radio.

Introduction to Amateur Radio

A general introduction to the hobby, with details on taking the Foundation course. (6 minutes)

Foundation Online – Free Training Course

Short video promoting Essex Ham’s free online Foundation training course.

Interview with TV Presenter Jason Bradbury (Nov 2013)

Gadget Show TV presenter talks about his amateur radio experience.

What is Amateur Radio – Powerpoint

We also have a PowerPoint presentation that may be of use for presentations about the hobby:

RSGB Youth Video

Released by the RSGB and created by the TX Factor team, this video is aimed at encouraging youngsters into the hobby. It features Essex Ham’s Kelly M6KFA, as well as activities at an Essex Ham field day in 2015. Available to download from RSGB: Amateur Radio: 21st Century Hobby

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