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Two of the main reasons that Essex Ham was created: getting people into amateur radio, and helping to keep them in the hobby. Training and advice is key to achieving those two goals, so we offer help and support to those in training, and to clubs that offer training. If there’s something we can help with, just ask

Essex Ham Foundation Training Slides
Essex Ham Foundation Training Slides

What we do

Here’s a short summary of the ways that Essex Ham helps with amateur radio training:

  • We have created a free set of regularly-updated Foundation Training Slides, available to clubs and trainers in the UK
  • We offer a free online revision course. Foundation Online combines video, downloadable content and a virtual classroom to help those new to the hobby to study towards their Foundation licence
  • We help to support other clubs in the UK and here in Essex, by supplying free amateur radio training material, and listing the various training courses in Essex
  • We offer a series of training videos and promotional videos to help people to get into the hobby
  • On our site, you’ll find guides and information to help new entrants to find a suitable course, get trained, and then develop their skills.
  • Several members of Essex Ham are RSGB-registered assessors, some have attended the RSGB “Train The Trainers” courses, and other help with local schools


Foundation Training

Links to some of the sections on our site related to Foundation training:

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Online Training Course

Essex Ham offers free online training to help people studying towards Foundation. For more on this, see our Foundation Online Training Course page.

Foundation Online Amateur Radio Training Promo

Amateur Radio Progression

We’ll shortly be adding additional material to help newly-licensed amateurs. This will be available to all Essex Ham members. Membership is, of course, free. If you’re not a member, join Essex Ham for free.

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