Need some help or advice?

Do you need some help or advice on a radio-related topic? Here’s how Essex Ham can help:

Searching for help

Try a search on our site – We have over 1000 pages. Search Essex Ham

Ask in our forum

We have a help forum where any member can ask for help and advice. We have around 3,000 people a week visiting our site, so hopefully someone will be able to help. Post a message in our forum

Ask in our email discussion group

Getting help and advice by email can be useful. To send a message to over 280 keen members, go here: Essex Ham Chat

Ask in our Facebook Group

We have a busy Facebook group with over 400 members. If you use Facebook, please try: Essex Ham Facebook Group

Hopefully one of our members can help. We’re also on Twitter, Discord and YouTube

New to the hobby?

If you’re studying towards your first licence, or are newly-licensed, we have three groups for you!