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Essex Ham Podcast LogoHere, you’ll find details of the Essex Ham podcast feed.

We don’t run a dedicated weekly or monthly amateur radio podcast. as we feel that the space is well catered for by the ICQ Podcast – they produce regular audio podcasts containing amateur radio news and discussion for the UK. There are also a number of ham radio podcasts released in the US.

However, we’re keen to promote ham radio in Essex, and often release audio and video that may be of interest to our audience. We make this content available as a podcast feed, so if you’re familiar with podcasts, sign up to our feed and get content delivered to you as its released.

Essex Ham Podcast Feed

If you use a podcast application, RSS feed program, or Apple’s iTunes, here are the links for you to subscribe to our podcast feed:

RSS Feed

Here is the feed address that can be used by any RSS Reader or Podcast application:

 Podcast RSS Feed

iTunes Feed

Use Apple iTunes? Add us using this link:  Essex Ham on iTunes

 iTunes Podcast Feed

What we offer

We’ve already released quite a lot of audio and video, such as:

  • Amateur Radio Training Videos
  • Rally Reviews
  • Jim Bacon G3YLA on propagation, tropo and sporadic E
  • Review of the Baofeng UV-B6
  • G100RSGB 100th anniversary operations
  • Behind The Scenes at Olympic station 2o12L
  • Interviews on BBC Essex and Phoenix FM
  • Interview with ISS astronaut
  • Interview with the Chairman of Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society
  • Coverage of the Cambridge Rally and GB100MWT Special Event Station
  • ARISSat-1 Amateur Radio Satellite
  • … plus more


Will we run a regular podcast?

If we can offer something that’s not being offered by other amateur radio podcasts out there, then we’d consider it. If you’d like more audio or video from us, get in touch, and we’ll see what we can do. If we get enough feedback and interest, we’d love to do more.

Please get in touch, or add a comment below


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