APRS – Locating Essex Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio operators use a system called APRS to track their location. Some handheld and mobile radios come with APRS, or ham operators can use a computer or smartphone top update and share their location with other operators.

Essex APRS Map:

Here’s a real-time map of amateur radio activity in Essex now:

iPhone APRS Application

Don’t want to splash out on expensive APRS equipment? If you have a smartphone, you can use this to report your position to an APRS server. It’s very easy to set up, and quite impressive.

There are a few iPhone APRS applications out there – my personal favourite is Ham Tracker – (iTunes Link)


Handy links

Want to see a good example of APRS in action? Check out the Truckcam.tv site to see live video feeds from some Essex Hams


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