Essex Amateur Radio Nets

Handheld MicrophoneMany of the amateur radio clubs in Essex meet on-air for regular nets. On this page, you’ll find details of the various nets, and a schedule of when to listen to the various local amateur radio club nets.

For those new to the hobby, listening in to a local net is a great way of learning the ropes and getting a feel for what goes on in the area. Most nets are on the 2m band, so can be received with a basic £25 2m handheld.

Getting started on a net is a great way to get some experience and make new friends locally – that’s why we’ve been running our own net since 2011, with the aim of bringing new and experienced operators together, to share knowledge and ask questions. For more on our net, go to our Monday Night Net page.

Essex Amateur Radio Net Schedule

Here is a list of the various Essex nets that we’re aware of. Times and frequencies are subject to change – where a frequency or repeater is in use, alternative frequencies are often selected at short notice.

Club / Group Nets

Club / Group Day Start Time
Band Notes
Essex Ham Monday 8pm 2m Essex Ham’s Monday Night Net is held weekly at 8pm on the GB3DA repeater – Listen on 145.725MHz. Streamed online for those out of the area.
Essex Ham attends the Essex Skills Night on the 3rd Monday in the month, so there’s not always an on-air net on the third Monday.
Saturday 8pm 2m Young Ladies Net on the first Saturday of the month at 8pm on the GB3DA repeater – Listen on 145.725MHz.
Braintree & District ARS Monday 8pm 2m / 70cm
  • Net operated on the 2nd and 4th Mondays (excluding Bank holidays) on 145.375MHz / 433.575MHz.
  • On a 5th Monday, the net is held on the GB3BZ repeater
Chelmsford ARS Tuesday 7:30pm 2m,
  • 2nd Tue in the month: 2m net on GB3DA repeater – Listen on 145.725MHz
  • 3rd Tue in the month: 70cm net on GB3ER repeater – Listen on 433.075MHz
  • 4th Tuesday in the month: 80 metre Net on 3.756MHz, SSB
  • 5th Tue in the month: Top Band Net on 1947/1950 kHz +/-QRM, LSB)
Colchester Radio Amateurs Tuesdays 7pm 70cm 433.425MHz (May include top band)
Wednesday 7pm 2m Weekly 2m simplex club net on 145.350MHz
Thursday 7pm 80m Weekly 80m net on 3.685Mhz LSB, except third Thursday in month (club night)
Essex CW Club (Morse nets) Monday 7:30pm 80m
  • 1st Mon in the month: G1FCW 80m Net 3542KHz ± at 1930 UK local time.
  • Other Mondays: G1FCW 80m Slow Speed / QRS Net 3542KHz ± at 1930 UK local time
Tuesday 7pm UTC 17m /
  • 1st Tue in the month: G1FCW 17m Net 18082KHz ± at 1900 UTC.
  • 3rd Tue in the month: G1FCW 20m Net 14042KHz ± at 1900 UTC
Essex RAYNET Tuesday 8:30pm Multiple Held every Tuesday commencing at 2030hrs. Control Station – G0IJN in Althorne. 144.650MHz, followed by 433.700MHz, 70.400MHz & 51.650MHz
GB3CE (Colchester) Sunday Net Sunday 8:30pm GB3CE 30 minute net chaired by Kevin 2E0HJA
GB3CL (Clacton) Monday Net Monday 8:30pm GB3CL (Awaiting details
Havering & District ARC Monday 8pm 2m Monday Natter Net on 145.525MHz simplex
Thursday 8pm 2m Club Net on 145.525 MHz simplex
Friday 8pm 2m Friday Natter Net on 145.525 MHz simplex
Saturday 2pm 160m Top Band Afternoon Net, 160 Metres (1910kHz) LSB
Loughton & Epping Forest ARS Thursday 8pm 2m Weekly net each Thursday at 8pm on 144.725MHz simplex
Medway RAYNET Wednesday 8:30pm GB3DA Medway (Kent) RAYNET net on GB3DA – 1st and 4th Wednesday
South Essex ARS Weekdays 4:30pm 2m Net every weekday from 4:30pm on 145.225MHz simplex
Thames ARG Friday 8pm 2m Essex Ham Blocked by TARG in March 2016Net normally runs on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Friday in the month. Starts at 8pm on the GB3DA repeater – Listen on 145.725MHz
Friday 7.30pm 2m CW Net normally runs on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Friday in the month. Slow Morse (QRS) for club members. Simplex frequency 144.250 USB
Thurrock Acorns ARC Thursday 7:30pm 2m Weekly net each Thursday from 7:30pm to 8pm simplex. Listen on 145.500MHz at 7:30pm for the frequency
Tuesday 7:30pm 2m Monthly SSTV Net on the first Tuesday of the month.
7:30pm on 144.500MHz.

Independent Nets

Net Name Day Start Time
Band Notes
Essex 4m Net Wednesday 8pm 4m Weekly net each Wednesday on 70.475MHz – Hosted by Selim M0XTA

Times are UK local unless stated otherwise. List last updated: June 2017

If you know of (or run) a net that’s not mentioned here, or something’s wrong, please let us know so that we can update the list.


Essex Repeater Group LogoEssex Ham would like to thank the Essex Repeater Group for allowing us to use the GB3DA  repeater for Essex Ham’s Monday Night Net and the Essex YL Net. This repeater, together with GB3ER, GB3DB and GB7ZP are managed by volunteers. If you wish to support the repeaters, you can make a donation online, or become a member, at .

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