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On this page, you’ll find a collection of videos created by Essex Ham. You can sign up to get new videos on the Essex Ham YouTube feed.

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Promotional Videos
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A series of videos that can be used to help promote the hobby, such as:

  • UK Amateur Radio 2 Minute Teaser
  • A Taste of Amateur Radio (4 minutes)
  • Introduction to Amateur Radio (6 minutes)
  • Scrolling presentation for public events (3.5 minutes)
  • Amateur Radio Interview with TV presenter Jason Bradbury
  • Essex Ham Images from 2013 – Montage of events and activities

Go to: UK Amateur Radio Promotional Videos

Training Videos
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Videos to help with training and getting started, including:

  • How to get started in amateur radio
  • Summary of a UK amateur radio foundation training course
  • Foundation Practical: Station Setup
  • Foundation Practical: Morse Appreciation
  • Foundation Practical: VHF QSO
  • Intermediate: Soldering Basics
  • CARS – Foundation Training

Go to: Amateur Radio Training Videos

Ham Radio FeaturesAmateur Radio Video Thumbnail 4 Various ham radio interviews and features, such as:

  • Baofeng UV-B6 handheld radio review
  • Amateur Radio Phoenix FM Interview 2012
  • Essex CW Club Interview 2013
  • High Altitude Balloon Tracking
  • High Altitude Balloon Flight (CARS 2014)

Go to: Amateur Radio Features Videos

Amateur Radio EventsAmateur Radio Video Thumbnail 3 Reports and Images from various ham radio events and field days:

  • Basildon JOTA – 2014
  • Essex Air Ambulance GB2EAA – Oct 2014
  • Essex Hams at Galleywood Common – Jun 2014
  • CARS May 2014 Skills Night
  • CARS January 2014 Skills Night
  • SEARS Canvey Rally 2014
  • CARS RNLI SOS Weekend 2014
  • Kempton Park Rally 2013 Review
  • Waters & Stanton Open Day 2013 Review
  • RSGB Centenary Day 2013 Review
  • DHARS Stow Maries Fly In 2013
  • TARG / CARS Joint Tabletop Sale 2013
  • Rainham Rally 2013 Review
  • SEARS Canvey Rally 2013
  • Kempton Park Rally 2012 Review
  • 2o12L Olympic Station
  • Cambridge Rally 2012 Review
  • CARS GB100MWT Titanic Event 2012

Go to: Essex Ham’s Amateur Radio Events videos

For more amateur radio videos from Essex Ham, sign up to our Essex Ham YouTube feed.

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