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As something of an experiment, Essex Ham launched its first newsletter in January 2013. Three further editions were published later in 2013.

After seeing a lack of interest in the newsletter, we’ve ‘parked’ the idea of a regular printable PDF newsletter for the time being, so that we can divert effort into our other site activities. If there’s sufficient interest, we may return to the concept in the future.

We’re glad we gave it a try. Old copies are stored here for reference.

Essex Ham TX

That’s the not-very catchy name we’ve given to the newsletter, and it’s available as a PDF for free download. Our newsletter is available to all, and not restricted to members-only.

Issues of Essex Ham’s TV Newsletter:

What is the newsletter?

Essex Ham Newsletter SampleWe’re aware that most amateur radio clubs offer a newsletter containing details of events, reviews of recent activities, plus articles submitted by members. It could be that the “newsletter” space is overcrowded, or because of the Internet, they have less of a place. We’re keen to test out the water with a mix of what we know is popular in a newsletter, but keep it short and to the point.

The Essex Ham TX includes the following:

  • A list of upcoming events in and around Essex, sourced from the various local clubs
  • Details of Essex Ham activities, such as interesting forum discussions or topics raised on our Monday Night Net
  • A summary of recent local events, activations or milestones
  • Give it a try: A one-page article on a specific topic aimed at encouraging amateurs to try something new
  • Worth A Look: important ham radio news you may have missed
  • Training in Essex: A look at upcoming courses
  • And Finally: Words to wrap up the newsletter


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