Essex Ham’s Training Material

Essex Ham is committed to helping to get new people into the amateur radio hobby. Members of Essex Ham are involved with training for groups in Essex and beyond, and our site offers a wide range of training material and advice for free.

Essex Ham has created a series of slides, videos and handouts to help people get started in amateur radio. This page outlines what material is available, both to students and to amateur radio tutors and clubs.

Getting Started – Information for Candidates

If you’re looking to get started in amateur radio, please take a look at the following links:

How to become a radio ham Amateur Radio Training Courses in Essex
Welcome to Amateur Radio (Video) Foundation Online Training Course
Your Questions Answered Foundation Licence Manual

In 2015, we launched our first online amateur radio training course, designed for those looking to study for their amateur radio Foundation licence at home. The course includes video, downloadable material and a secure online classroom to deliver the Foundation course online. More details here: Essex Ham Foundation Online Course.

Amateur Radio Foundation Training Course

Training Videos

Essex Ham has released a number of short video clips that may be of help to those new to the amateur radio hobby, as well as to those involved with ham radio training. Versions of these videos in other formats for use on non-profit training courses are available for free on request. Here’s a sample of some of our amateur radio training videos:

A Taste of Amateur Radio (Youtube)

Foundation Online (Youtube)

Foundation Exam (YouTube)

Soldering Basics (Youtube)


Foundation Training Slides

Essex Ham has produced a series of slides that can be used for UK Foundation Training courses.

Nine sets of slides are available, covering an introduction to amateur radio, technical basics, transmitters & receivers, feeders & antennas, propagation, licence conditions, EMC, safety and operating practice.

See our Foundation Training Slides page for the full slideset.

Some of Essex Ham's Amateur Radio Foundation Training Slides
Some of Essex Ham’s Amateur Radio Foundation Training Slides


Getting Started Guides

Essex Ham Getting Started GuidesEssex Ham has created a library of handy one-page guides on various aspects of the hobby. This library of simple guides is growing, and covers several topics including:

  • Getting your licence
  • Foundation Glossary
  • Setting up QRZ and eQSL
  • Using HF
  • Using Repeaters
  • Echolink
  • Data modes: SSTV, JT65 and PSK31

The collection of guides can be found here: Essex Ham Getting Started Guides


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