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Here, you’ll find answers to some questions about Essex Ham Membership:

Essex Ham Membership?

Essex Ham Media LogoThe Essex Ham website launched in 2011 as a basic information service. By October 2013, we’d made connections with hundreds of amateurs through newsletter and forum signups, Facebook and Twitter followers, participants and listeners of our weekly Monday Night Net, and the thousands of monthly site visitors.

We’re hoping that by creating the Essex Ham Community, we’ll join the dots, link things together, and make the site a useful and evolving resource for everyone. Well, that’s the theory!

Why become an Essex Ham Member?

As it’s free, why not? Signing up means that you can join in with forum discussions, chat in our Monday Night Net chat area, comment on any page on the site and add a profile. If you’re keen, you can become a Contributor too. Membership gives you access to members-only content, and offers other benefits and services as they are made available.

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing. Essex Ham is free – no subscriptions, no fees. As overheads are very low, we can offer our services for free. You can leave at any time (although we’d be sorry to lose you).

Do I have to be in Essex to join?

No. Anyone’s welcome. No need to be in Essex… we have already have members in the US, for example.

Who can join?

Anyone. No need to have an amateur radio licence, and no need to be in Essex. All we ask is that you agree to be well behaved – Like most websites, we have a set of Site Terms that we ask all site users to comply with.

How do I join?

Sign up, for free, here: Join Essex Ham .

I don’t have a licence, can I join?

Yes. You don’t need an amateur radio licence to join. Just create a username of your choice, and enter “SWL” in the callsign field. Details of how to get an amateur radio callsign here: Become a radio amateur

Does Essex Ham compete with local clubs?

No – the opposite! We don’t have club nights, don’t charge membership fees, don’t run our own RCF exams, and we don’t have a meeting venue (apart from our online one, of course!).

We actively promote local club events in our Essex Amateur Radio Events Calendar, and we attend local club events. We offer free promotion for local clubs, and can actively help in getting information about a club’s activities pushed in front of a new audience. We’d encourage local club secretaries to consider becoming contributors to share details of upcoming events, or report on club news.

Additionally, we may also be able to offer services to clubs that they may not be able to provide themselves, including web support, training material, online amateur radio training, and discussion groups. We’ve provided free web hosting a club in the South of the county, and Foundation training resources for two Essex clubs. If we can help, get in touch!

Club Nights? Events?

No plans to hold club nights at this time. There are over 15 amateur radio clubs in Essex offering club nights, so Essex is well served.

As for events, again, the county is well-served, however, if a bunch of Essex Hams want to meet up to play radio, socialise, and have fun, then count us in. Additionally, if there is an opportunity to hold an event to increase awareness of the hobby, and it makes sense to us to help out, or champion an event, then we may be able to help.

Can I help?

Yes, we’d love any offers of help – especially from anyone offering to provide content for the site – guides, event reviews, tutorials, hardware reviews, news, etc. We’re also interested in hearing from anyone interested in offering amateur radio training locally. Please get in touch

Problem logging in?

You can find help on logging in as a member here: Problems logging in

Got a question?

Add your question below (for all to see), or if you prefer, send us a private message.


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