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Kelly Foundation Training PhotoWe’re passionate about amateur radio, and we want to make the hobby as easy to take part in as possible. That’s why we’ve created the “Ham Train” website.

Who’s HamTrain for?

  • Newcomers – We offer information on how to get started, free training material, plus our free online training course that’s been taken by over 12,000 students!
  • Tutors & Clubs – Our constantly-updated free training material includes Powerpoint slides, handouts and videos. Our online course can be used to supplement and support existing club training
  • Newly-licensed – We have lots of information on how to get started once you have your licence. You can also join our free online club for updates on the hobby and a busy forum

For Newcomers

Our most popular service is our free online Foundation Training Course, “Foundation Online” – This is aimed at those who prefer to study at their own pace via computer. Courses are short, easy-to-follow, and free. Take a look at the following short video to find out more about our course:

To sign up to our free course, which runs once a month, go to: Foundation Online – over 12,000 enrollments and counting!

If online training’s not for you, we also offer training slides, getting started guides and training videos, which may help with study.

For Tutors, Trainers & Clubs:

We know that it’s not easy, but we believe we can help to make life a little easier for trainers. Here’s how we can help:

  • Training Slides and Videos – We offer a free up-to-date set of colourful Powerpoint slides that cover the entire Foundation syllabus. They include animations, videos and practical examples of what candidates need to know. We also have video versions of each module (handy if you have no tutor!). Slides are branded “Ham Train”, which you may prefer over material branded by another club.
  • Online Training – If you’re not able to run a full training course, or you want to keep students engaged between club training sessions, consider signing them up to our free Foundation Online course. The course offers videos, a short test for each module, plus mock exams.

Our online courses and course material are all free to UK clubs and trainers. For more, see our Ham Train Tutors Area

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