ISS Schools Contact 08 Nov 2012

Those listening to the Monday Night Net would have heard me mention an opportunity to hear the ISS overhead this week.

Well, the pass took place between 1203 and 1213 today, Thursday the 8th of November 2012. For those that missed it, here’s a recording of the pass.

The audio was recorded from 145.800MHz from a basic rooftop co-linear. One of our regulars heard this ISS pass from his car on a handheld (Forum: ISS Downlink).

Only the ISS downlink is audible – the questions are uplinked from the school in Italy, and not audible here.

Audio from ISS: Youtube clip:


Questions asked (in English) by the schoolchildren in Italy, were as follows:

  1. How did you train for the space mission?
  2. When did you decide to become an astronaut and what schools did you attend in order to do that?
  3. How do you feel before leaving for a space mission?
  4. How do you communicate with your family? Do you miss them?
  5. What kind of experiments are you doing onboard the ISS now?
  6. What are your emotions when you are in space and what’s the Earth like seen from above?
  7. What’’s your daily routine in the space? Is there a difference between night and day?
  8. How do you supply yourselves with water?
  9. Did you have the opportunity to land and wander outside your ISS?
  10. Is getting along with one another easy or difficult onboard the ISS?
  11. What’s the temperature like onboard your ISS?
  12. What do you usually do in case of damage or a breakdown or if an astronaut gets sick?
  13. Can plants grow onboard your ISS?
  14. Are you scared when you are onboard?

To find out more about schools contacts and the ARISS programme, go to – where you can sign up for email news of upcoming schools events audible in Essex.

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