TX Factor Essex Special Out Now

The Essex episode of TX Factor is out… over 30 minutes of HD coverage of repeaters, training, field days and RAYNET in Essex.

Catch the latest episode here: TX Factor #09, or watch on YouTube here:

TX Factor Episode 09 features:

  • Essex Repeater Group (Clive G1EUC & Murray G6JYB)
  • Chelmsford ARS Training (Chris G0IPU & Clive G1EUC)
  • Essex Ham (Pete M0PSX)
  • Essex RAYNET (Mark 2E0RMT)
  • High Altitude Ballooning (Chris M6EDF)

Thanks to Bob G0FGX and Nick 2E0FGQ for doing such a great job of covering what goes on here in Essex, and featuring so many familiar faces. For a look behind the scenes at the recording of this episode, plus an exclusive interview with Bob, see our TX Factor Essex Special Preview

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