SEARS Operate GB1HB on Canvey Island

Thanks to the team at the South Essex Amateur Radio Society for sending in the following story:


GB1HB at the Island Yacht Club ,Canvey Island

The South Essex Amateur Radio Society operated GB1HB at the Island Yacht Club  again on 13th August 2016,  the reason for the Radio Station was to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Heavenly Body II, the American B17 aircraft  that crashed at Canvey Point in 1944  only a couple of hundred yards from our operating site, also the Lancaster, Spitfire and hurricane of the Battle of Britain memorial flight made a low pass over us !

91 contacts were made overall, 45 on CW, 5 on PSK, 25 on 2mts , the rest on SSB, 24 countries were worked  , modes used were CW, PSK31/64, SSB, FM. We had good weather and great conditions, had great fun and enjoyed good company , great operators, and many thanks to everyone that came along and operated.


SEARS at GB2HB, August 2016

SEARS at GB2HB, August 2016

SEARS at GB2HB, August 2016

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