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As part of the February 2014 CARS Skills Workshop on the 17th of February 2014, we set a short quiz, featuring 10 UK licence conditions quiz questions – 5 were aimed at Foundation licence holders, and for Full licence holders. The questions stimulated some interesting debate, and a little controversy too!

As requested on the night, we’ve put the questions live on the site, so you can have a go in your own time. If you want us to check the answers, hit “Submit Your Answers” to get the answers sent by email.

Just a bit of fun!

Q1 What is the maximum power permitted at Foundation on 145.650MHz ?

Q2 What do the following prefixes signify: MX0 ; GB3 ; MB7 and 2U1

Q3 What is the 2 metre calling channel for Slow-Scan TV?

Q4 You hear GB3VHF on 144.430MHz – Is this a legal transmission & can you reply?

Q5 You hear MI5ABC/P calling on 431.725MHz – Is this a legal transmission, and can you reply?

Q6 List three situations when you’d be allowed to have a QSO on the amateur bands with someone transmitting in the UK who does not hold a UK amateur radio licence (bonus marks for getting 6 or more!)
Q7 Where on the 2m band will you find Automatic Packet Reporting System transmissions?

Q8 Is the callsign GA4FH/P valid?

Q9 You hear MM0MMM/M calling on 5.379MHz – Is this a legal transmission?

Q10 A local M6 transmits from high altitude balloons on the 70cm amateur band (~434.075MHz). The Foundation licence does not permit transmissions from aircraft. Is this legal?

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Thanks to those who took part on the night – if you like the idea of similar quizzes, either at Skills Nights, or on this site, please add a comment below.

CARS Skills Night Quiz - Feb 2014
CARS Skills Night Quiz – Feb 2014

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