Essex Amateur Radio Skills Workshops

News of a new initiative from the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society: “Amateur Radio Skills”

Generic Amateur Radio ImageAmateur radio is, as we all know, about self-training and experimentation – but what happens when you need a helping hand, or a little inspiration? We all do from time to time, and the aim of this new series of hands-on workshops is to give Essex amateurs the chance to meet up, share their knowledge, and try something new.

From January 2014, CARS will be starting a series of regular informal “workshop” evenings, where it’s hoped that amateurs of all licence and experience levels can meet to swap ideas, get hands-on with something new, and above all, share their knowledge.

For those new to the hobby, these meetings will offer the chance to ask lots of questions and see what other amateurs get up to. For the more experienced operators, there’s the opportunity to try out some of the newer modes, as well as help out the next generation of operators by passing on knowledge and sharing experiences.

Launch Evening

The first session will take place on the evening of Monday the 20th of January 2014 at Danbury Village Hall. The venue will be familiar to Essex amateurs who’ve attended any of the very successful CARS training courses over the last ten years. A Monday evening meeting has been chosen, as it’s a nice tie-in with the Monday Night Net, which is now in its third year and is already established as an online meeting place to ask questions and share information.

The CARS Skills Workshops will be free to attend, and open to all – there’s no need to be a member of CARS.

If you’re interested in finding out more about these sessions, you can register your interest at and you’ll get email updates and the dates of upcoming courses. If you’re interested in helping out, either with demonstrations, or to help answer questions, then please get in touch with Pete M0PSX

We look forward to seeing you at a Skills night in 2014!

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