Ham Radio in Southend Echo

Amateur Radio is featured in today’s Southend Echo (Friday 27th February 2015):

From the Southend Echo 27 Feb 2015 www.echo-news.co.uk
From the Southend Echo 27 Feb 2015 www.echo-news.co.uk

The article is based around guest messages sent by the guides and brownies at the Thurrock Acorns World Thinking Day (TDOTA) event last weekend. Great to be able to publicise that amateur radio helps out with community groups and activities.

The article also mentions construction, and the presence of radio amateurs at the Southend Raspberry Jam last weekend, where our youngest member Kathryn completed her first electronics project, a wearable technology badge. The article mentions that amateur radio can be used to communicate with the International Space Station, and that Kathryn is the great grand-daughter of renowned antenna designer Gordon “Dicky” Bird G4ZU.

Finally, the piece in the Echo highlights the SEARS Foundation training course, which starts on the 17th of April in Thundersley.

More Information

Kathryn (aged 7) is a member of the 17th Leigh Brownies, who meet in Hadleigh. She helped to respond to some of the greetings messages sent by guides and brownies from the Ockendon District groups (equipment controlled by M0PSX), exchanging messages about how the Ockendon and Southend groups had been supporting World Thinking Day.

Here are two related photos – Kathryn learning to solder at the Raspberry Jam, and the SSTV card created to reply to the Ockendon District Guides & Scouts:

Essex Ham's youngest member learning how to solder with SOSLUG
Kathryn learning how to solder with SOSLUG at the Raspberry Jam
SSTV 73 image sent to GB2OD from M0PSX - Feb 2015
SSTV 73 image sent to GB2OD – Feb 2015

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