Essex Ham Monday Night Net

Handheld MicrophoneThe Monday Night Net was launched in October 2011, by Pete M0PSX and Jim 2E0RMI with the aim of creating a meeting place for new M6 Foundation licence holders to talk, ask questions and gain confidence.

The Net has now become a regular on-air meeting place for both  newly-licensed hams as well as experienced amateur radio operators, and enables local hams to share information, ask for advice, and get to meet new voices.

You can find the latest information about the Monday Night Net on

When and Where?

The Essex Ham Net normally takes place on a Monday Evening, starting at 8pm, and running until around 10pm. The net takes place on the GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater The exception is the third Monday of the month, where many of us meet face-to-face in Danbury for the Skills Night.

How the Net Works…

The Net is moderated by a ‘Controller’. Normally, the Monday Night Net is chaired by Pete M0PSX. The Net operates in a rotation. The Chair keeps a list of who’s on frequency, and tries to give everyone a turn in rotation. We try to leave regular pauses to invite others to join. If you want to be added to the list, just get the controller’s attention by calling “break” with your callsign when there’s a pause. Remember, the GB3DA Danbury repeater has a timeout of 2 minutes – please try to keep your turn within the timeout.

Monday Night Net Live

Live Chat

When the Net is live, we operate a chatroom – handy for those who can’t join in, or want to chat whilst waiting for their turn – Go to

Streaming Audio

The Net is often available as a live stream from a number of sources, including:

Controlling the Monday Night Net

Pete M0PSX, controlling the Monday Night Net

Previous Nets

When possible, the Net Controller publishes a summary of the night’s activities. You can find a list of Monday Night Net Logs here: Essex Ham Net Logs

Chat to other Essex Hams

Net not running? Want to chat with other local hams? Post a message and get chatting in the Essex Ham Forum.

Essex Ham Net – Get Updates By Email:
Map of Monday Night Net Participants 2014

Map of Monday Night Net Participants 2014

Thanks, and Disclaimer

Essex Repeater Group LogoEssex Ham would like to thank the Essex Repeater Group for allowing us to use the GB3DA repeater for the Monday Night Net.

The GB3DA repeater, together with GB3ER, GB3DB and GB7ZP are managed by volunteers, and if you wish to support the ERG, you can make a donation online, or become a member, at – ERG is a not-for-profit organisation.
Please note that the views and opinions expressed by participants of the Monday Night Net do not necessarily reflect the views of Essex Ham and/or the Network Controller.

To protect participants and members, it has sadly become necessary to record comments made on the Monday Night Net. Recordings are available, if requested by participants to the net.

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Essex Ham Monday Night Net — 11 Comments

  1. hi listening on the net tonight and 2E0TNC tom was a 100% it is a hobby people should not be forced to advance all it will do is push people away. i am a M6 and i am happy with that i talk to people local. so i agree with tom thanks to you for your comments and standing up for M6 call signs. jon grays essex freedom of choice its a hobby after all.

  2. Pete! I’ve just got to nip out, so miss me out for the next couple of rounds please … I’ll be back!!!

    M6ECG :)

  3. Enjoyed first time on the Monday NET. And BTW, great helpful website enjoying as a newby the mass of information. I know the time and effort it takes to run a website. Good Job !

  4. Efforts and gains with SSTV MMSSTV and Icom 706…???
    To activate TX with VOX shall I paralell the AUdio to PIN 13
    and of course select Menu 706 to vox on FM mode for vhf andadjust VOX setting on the side of the rig…Yes..??

    The approach if I use FSK (pint 10 and also feed paralell
    audio to PIN 13 to activate Vox and adjsut VOX settings
    on 706 on the side controls….Yes..? andor ???.

    When using VIEW on MMSSTV select level indicator….there is
    no new window..just the right top ??and shat will the level be
    adjusted full.medium,??? with the Speaker level from radio..???.
    Sorry but this is the first time EVER on SSTV and many of us
    will be trying shortly after my sucess and or failure….???.

    I am close to sucess I feel…Thanks so so much….

    73 from the Andes of Ecuador.

    Ted Hc5k

  5. Hi Pete …hope all is going well ive not been able to join the net for a few weeks but im looking back on the topics.
    hope to join in some time soon

  6. From a personal perspective i think it is allways better to improve ones knowledge, understanding and skills.

    In the future there has to be some one that can pass on the more advanced knowledge and information to the next generation and so forth.

    Embrace all the Information and feed the mind !!

  7. PETE …

    Can you re-set my password carnt log in tomy account and now im locked out !!….for the life of me carnt remember what i used for a passowrd
    must be a few dead brian cells


    • Hi Neil – You can request a password reset here: Forgotten password – The email address you’ve registered isn’t the same as the one you’ve commented with. Also note that your username is uppercase. If you’re still having problems, please use “Contact Us” and let me know the error message you’re getting.

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