Repeater Streaming Internet Feeds

These days, if you’re out of range of your local repeater, or fancy having a listen to amateur radio repeater traffic in other parts of the UK or around the world, you’re spoiled for choice. Here are just some of the options:

  • Many repeaters around the world supply their own Internet stream, in some cases the feed is maintained by the local repeater group
  • Some local amateurs provide an off-air feed of local repeaters via their computer
  • Web SDR is growing in popularity – you can use the Internet to control radio receivers around the world and have a listen in. To set up a WebSDR, you need little more than the famous £10 SDR dongle, some software, and an Internet connection. Some of the larger nine SDRs can be found at
  • Online audio services such as Radio Reference offer streams from repeaters all around the world
  • Smartphone apps, such as Zello, offer a directory of services to listen to, free of charge
  • Scanner feeds are available using the many streaming radio directories, such as RadioBOX, 5-0 Radio and SHOUTcast
  • Echolink-enabled repeaters, available on computers & smartphones
  • Reflectors on D-Star and DMR

Feeds of Essex Repeaters

Sadly, none of the Essex repeaters offer their own live audio feed, however, the following services may be of help:

As requested by Essex Ham regulars, our Monday Night Net is often available online whilst the net is live.

Other feeds:

  • Got a Smartphone? Listen live to the output of GB3DA on the “Southeast Radio Club” feed on the Zello app
  • Check out Radio Reference 


Feeds of Kent Repeaters


Other UK Live Amateur Radio Feeds

Got any questions about live audio feeds of amateur radio repeaters? Ask in the box below.


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