TAARC November 2015 2m Activity Day

Thanks to the team at the Thurrock Acorns for submitting the following story:

On Saturday the 25th of November 2015, the Thurrock Acorns Amateur Radio Club (TAARC) ran their 2 metre activity afternoon. The goal of the afternoon was to contact amateur radio stations in the East/South of England on the 2 metre band. All amateurs who have completed the Ofcom training and passed their exam are issued with call signs. Clubs can also apply for call signs and the TAARC has completed this exercise and was able to use its club call sign during the operating period.

The station was located at the home of Stella one of the club members who lives in Chadwell St Mary. During the period of operation other TAARC members visited to help man the station. From the moment the station announced its presence on the 2m band at 13.00 hrs until close down at 17.00 hrs the station was in constant operation. During the afternoon the station contacted 50 different amateurs in the East/South of England, one amateur being a 10 years old girl, Loren located in Kent.

The picture shows (L – R) Stella G0EKP, Rachel G6AMY, Peter G4FQF and Chris G0EKN manning the club station during the afternoon.

Thurrock Acrons 2015 2m Activity Afternoon

Nicholas Wilkinson chairman of the club stated:

“The afternoon surpassed my expectation. The hope was that we would speak to 40 different amateurs. However, we passed this target contacting 50 stations. This is the second time we have run this activity afternoon and the club is already receiving requests from amateurs in the South/East of England to repeat the activity early next year”


Thanks to the team at Thurrock Acorns for submitting this story.

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