TAARC at Davey Down Museums On The Air 2016

Thanks to the team at the Thurrock Acorns for submitting the following story:

Davy Down and museums on the air

On the 21st of June, Thurrock Acorns Amateur Radio Club (TAARC) joined forces with the Davy Down team and took part in the ‘museums on the air’ worldwide radio event. The goal of the event was to raise the profile of museums/monuments locally and at the same time find other likeminded people around the world and put the locations in contact with each other via the media of amateur radio. During the day the radio team spoke to other stations located in Germany, Luxemburg, Italy as well as radio stations located at museums within the UK.

Davy Down located close to North Stifford is an area where you can explore the country side and see some of the wildlife that still lives in Thurrock. The area was opened to the public in 1993 and on site there is a very impressive pumping station, which visitors can explore. Located nearby is an impressive railway viaduct across the Mardyke Valley which dates from 1892. There are areas where you can walk, have a picnic or just simply relax. The Davy Down Warden Steve Mitchell is on hand and will always try to answer any questions relating to the site.

The following picture shows Stella G0EKP, a member of TAARC, speaking to a station in Germany using the morse key.

Stella G0EKP on the key

After the event, Nicholas Wilkinson chairman of the radio club said:

“Despite minor issues the whole day went very well and we hope to be able to join in the event next year. We would like to thank Steve Mitchell for all his support during our visit”

The pump house where the radio station was located
The pump house where the radio station was located

Thanks to the team at Thurrock Acorns for submitting this story.

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