SEARS Club Night July 2014

The July meeting of the South Essex Amateur Radio Society (SEARS) took place on Tuesday the 8th at the club’s new venue in Thundersley.

With the 100th anniversary of the start of the war, and the recent Armed Forces Day event on Canvey Island, the wartime theme was continued with a look at the RSGB’s wartime archives. The presentation was put together by the RSGB for the 2013 convention, and has been made available for clubs to present to members. The presentation was given by Dave Speechley G4UVJ.

Dave G4UVJ - RSGB Wartime Archives talk at SEARS
Dave G4UVJ – RSGB Wartime Archives talk at SEARS

The talk started with the foundation of the London Wireless Society, which later became the RSGB. With the outbreak of World War I, amateur radio stations were dismantled by the GPO and many amateurs went on to support the war operating wireless units for the forces. The Second World War also forced removal of radio equipment by the GPO.

The talk focused on the work of a number of notable radio amateurs during wartime, and included a mention of The Early Birds – one of the first group of men to go into Europe – Of the 52 Early Birds, more than 40 were licensed amateurs, and they used aerials known as “AOG aerials” – an Act of God that they worked!

A home army of 2,000 Voluntary Interceptors undertook various monitoring activities during wartime, and details of the work of the VIs was discussed. There was also mention of the American Radio Relay League (the ARRL) whose members supplied British amateurs with packets of cocoa, marmalade, sugar and tea until the 1950s, when food shortages were biting.

A fascinating talk taking a look back at the early days of amateur radio, and some of the unsung radio heros of the two World Wars.

Upcoming events

SEARS has been working hard on arranging another schools contact with the International Space Station. Dave briefed members on the latest developments – it now look likely that the contact between Winter Gardens School on Canvey Island and an astronaut on the ISS will take place towards the end of September. SEARS previously held a successful contact with the ISS eight years ago, with Furtherwick Park School.

ARISS - International Space Station
ARISS – International Space Station

The next SEARS club night will be presented by Dave Ellis G4AJY on the subject of software for circuit design and veroboard – this takes place on Tuesday August the 12th

Via the bureau

As an aside, a selection of QSL cards had arrived for the club’s Olympics Special Event Station in July / August 2012 – The station GB1HF was operated for the cycling event at Hadleigh Farm. In amongst the cards, was one from me for a QSO on the 7th of August 2012. It had taken almost two years to make the trip from Leigh-on-Sea to Hadleigh.

Some of the QSL cards for GB1HF
Some of the QSL cards for GB1HF received by SEARS

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