RSGB President Discusses Clubs in 2017

At the RSGB Convention, RSGB President Nick Henwood G3RWF presented a fascinating summary of his findings on a recent club survey – his research highlights what clubs are doing right, and perhaps not-so-right. 

Pete M0PSX from Essex Ham was in the audience, and amateurs in Essex should be proud that both Essex Ham (as a club) and the Essex Skills Night were singled out as gamechangers, as part of the President’s speech. Local groups Suffolk RED and Camb Hams also get mentioned too.

The RSGB has just released a video of the President’s speech, which is an interesting watch for anyone who’s either involved with the running of a club, or has an opinion of how clubs are supporting the development of the hobby in the 21st century. You can watch the video here:

Here’s a quick photo of one of Pete’s favourite slides, taken from his seat in the audience…

One of Nick's more interesting slides
One of Nick’s more interesting slides
Pete M0PSX and Suffolk Red's Sarah 2E0ISJ with the RSGB team
Pete M0PSX and Suffolk Red’s Sarah 2E0ISJ with the RSGB team at the 2017 convention

Any thoughtson what Nick had to say? Please add them as a comment below

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