Monday Night Net 22 July 13

Handheld MicrophoneDetails of the Monday Night Net on Monday the 22nd of July 2013.

Tonight’s Net is on the 2m repeater in Maidstone GB3KN – Thanks to the chaps at the Kent Repeater Group for the loan of your repeater as we’re homeless in Essex!

The net started at 8:05pm on GB3KN. Details on how to get to the Maidstone repeater:

  • Output Frequency: 145.700MHz
  • Input Frequency: 145.100MHz
  • CTCSS Tone: 103.5Hz

Live Chat: The chatroom is running again tonight. Go to – Just put in your callsign to get in – no password needed

Here’s the attendance list for this week’s net:

  1. Pete M6PSI in Southend, in the chair (reverting to the M6 call
  2. Mike M6KEB on Canvey
  3. Ken M6BZS in Eastwood
  4. Steve M6UEH in Southend
  5. James 2E1GUA in Writtle

Thanks to those who took the time to join us. We switched at 2115 to simplex operations, due to lift conditions and contacts with a station in Brussels.

Many contacts simplex tonight! Stations I could hear in Southend:

  • Mike M0MMB on Canvey
  • M6DGJ Don in Margate
  • Tom 2E0TNC in Tiptree
  • Tony G4UAM in Norwich
  • James 2E1GUA in Writtle
  • Brian G1KPS on Canvey
  • James M1TES in Bungay
  • Keith G7CIY in Woodbridge
  • John G0CJX in Woodbridge
  • Gary G0BDY in Brentwood
  • Steve M6SBQ in Harlow
  • Raf ON4ATA near Brugge, Belgium
  • Julian 2E0DJR, Norwich
  • Gunter ON4BDC in Belguim
  • Dave M1GDH in Dagenham

Sorry, but unable to copy the ON3 mobile station, and M6JJR in Kings Lynn

Topics for the evening as follows:

  • Storms, lightening, and simplex!

Feedback received shows that Simplex may be the way to go for the Monday Night net. Any thoughts? Add ’em below!

Monday Night Net - Dec 12
Pete M0PSX, controlling the Monday Night Net

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Please show your support for GB3KN, the Maidstone Repeater, by joining the Kent Repeater Group, or making a donation.

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