Monday Night Net 15 Jan 2018

Monday Night Net MNN LogoThe Essex Ham Monday Night Net for the 15th of January 2018 started at 8pm local time on GB3DA, the 2m repeater located at Danbury, near Chelmsford.

Our Monday Night Net launched back in 2011 and is still going strong. Everyone’s welcome to join, especially those who’ve recently got their licence and are looking for help with getting started in the hobby.

If you’re new to our Monday Night Net, you can find more information here: Monday Night Net

On this page, you’ll find a quick summary of who joined this week’s net, and what was discussed.

Live Chat: During the Net, we run an Internet chatroom. Go to to get chatting during our nets – You need to create a free Essex Ham account to access our chatroom.
Internet Feed: Not in range of the GB3DA? Several Internet feeds are available, including: Essex Ham’s Audio Feed , Essex Ham on TuneIn or the Monday Night Net uStream (Thanks to Nick M0NFE).


Net Attendees

Here’s the attendance list for this week’s net:

  1. Rachel G6AMY, Grays (in the chair)
  2. Gordon M0WJL, Grays
  3. Neil G0RNU, Tilbury
  4. Pete M0PSX, Southend
  5. Brian 2E0WHB, Chelmsford
  6. Chris 2E0KDG, Witham (crackly tonight!)
  7. Gordon 2E0KDG, Witham
  8. Keith M0KNG, /P from outside the CARS Essex Skills Night in Danbury
  9. Dorothy M0LMR, /M heading back from Skills Night
  10. Richard G7OED, /M heading back from Skills Night
  11. Terry 2E0IPK, /M heading back from Skills Night
  12. James 2E1GUA, Chelmsford
  13. David M0WDG/M, Kent
  14. Geoff G0WVK, Kent
  15. Nick M0NFE, Southend
  16. William G8CYK, Dunmow
  17. Dave M6ILM, Basildon
  18. Kevin G0PEK, Kent

Topics for the evening, as follows:

In tonight’s net, here’s what was discussed:

  • Rachel’s been tracking flights
  • RSGB’s released a new set of band plans
  • Tomorrow night – Thurrock Acorns running a talk on propagation, a subject that affects us all!
  • Coming soon – the Canvey Rally – Sunday the 4th of Feb at 10:30am
  • Mounting a 2m/70cm to a truck with a fibreglass roof… what about the groundplane? (Mirror mount clamp?)
  • Rock music legends (AC/DC, Motorhead, Genesis, Hendrix) – mostly in the chatroom
  • The history of the net – which started back in October 2011
  • Scrumpy, Pernod, Southern Comfort and Jack Daniels
  • Fun radio-related demos for kids
  • Question from Dave M6ILM – He has an FT1900. Can he use a boom mic / foot pedal that was used on the FT100D? Plug physically connects apparently, but doesn’t work. Likely need to get an adapter or make up a lead.
  • Rabbits – best not to ask!
  • Cadburys Caramel – Remember this ad? Bunny / Beaver on YouTube

The round of finals completed at 22:52pm

Thanks to Rachel for chairing a brilliant and busy net. Lots of activity in the chatroom tonight (20 people… a record?), and lots of listeners to the live stream too.

The scene in the PSX shack - in emergency, open Slivovice...
The scene in the PSX shack – in emergency, open Slivovice…


Monday Night Net 2017 Participants
Monday Night Net 2017 Participants

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Thanks & Disclaimer

Essex Repeater Group LogoEssex Ham would like to thank the Essex Repeater Group for allowing us to use the GB3DA for our weekly net. This repeater, together with GB3ER, GB3DB and GB7ZP are managed by volunteers. ERG would appreciate your support which can be by membership or donation, online at
Please note that the Monday Night Net is recorded for the protection of our participants. Audio from repeaters around the UK, including GB3DA, may be streamed online and via web SDRs.
The views and opinions expressed by participants of the Monday Night Net do not necessarily reflect the views of Essex Ham.


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