Monday Night Net 04 Jan 2016

Handheld Microphone The Essex Ham Monday Night Net for 04th January 2016 started at 8pm local time on GB3DA, the 2m repeater located at Danbury, near Chelmsford.

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Net Attendees

Here’s the attendance list for this week’s net:

  1. Pete M0PSX, Southend-on-Sea (in the chair / PR & Marketing)
  2. Brian 2E0WHB, Chelmsford (Props)
  3. Steve G4GHO, Chelmsford
  4. Dean 2E0DSX, Witham (Best Boy)
  5. Dorothy M0LMR, Basildon (Lead Vocals)
  6. Rob G1XNC, Kent
  7. Nigel M6NBZ, Ockendon
  8. Martyn G1EFL, Chelmsford
  9. Tony 2E0THT
  10. Rachel G6AMY, Ockendon (Creative Director)
  11. Lisa M6KIS, Witham (Choreographer / lyrics)
  12. Nick M0NIB, Brentwood (QRM Monitor)
  13. Steve 2E0UEH, Southend-on-Sea
  14. Keith M0KNG, Billericay
  15. Selim M0XTA, Chigwell
  16. James 2E1GUA, Chelmsford
  17. David M1ECC, Basildon
  18. John G3ZYZ, Hockley
  19. Nick M0NFE (Tech Support / Worldwide syndication)
  20. Kristian M0SSK, Basildon (Fan Club relations)
  21. Sarah M6PSK, Southend (Costumes / vocalist)
  22. Andy M0HLG, Gravesend

In probably the silliest Monday Night Net of the yet so far, our lovely YLs have hatched a joint plan to create a theme tune to the YL Net… and it’s an awesome plan.

Thanks to Rachel for the topic – “What’s a suitable theme tune for our YL Net?” Suggestions included:

  • Girls Just Wanna Have 59
  • Duran Duran – Girls On Air
  • Anything by the Cheeky Girls or the Spice Girls
  • Chas & Dave – Rabbit
  • Ladies Night – Kool and the Gang
  • No woman, no net – Bob Marley
  • I am woman, hear me moduate
  • Sisters are DA’ing it for themselves

Top choice was “Ladies Night”, and the group name “Y.L.D.A” – Love it.

Plans are afoot for the debut Y.L.D.A performance. The rumours of an OM Tribute Band are 100% false.

Some of the suggested titles raised in the chatroom are unrepeatable and Dorothy’s “dolls” idea briefly broke the chatroom – Shame on you Dorothy!!

Thanks to Brian for suggesting how to write up tonight’s Net: “CARNAGE”. It was a bit of a wild one, and certainly started the MNN year off with a bang (and a splutter or two!)

Thanks to the team at ERG for allowing us to have loads of fun on GB3DA tonight – what radio’s all about. Loads of fun in the chatroom too, and ta to those who tweeted in suggestions too.

Topics for the evening, as follows:

In tonight’s net, here’s what was discussed:

  • Essex Ham in 2015 – and our Year In Review video
  • RNLI – Events being held in January by CARS and the Thurrock Acorns
  • The Canvey Rally
  • How good is a Buddipole
  • The YL Net
  • 1 watt APRS  tracker
  • YL Net – The Music
  • G4ZU – The Radio Inspector
  • The YL Factor
  • Happy Hamming T-Shirts

The less said about the chatroom topics… the better!

We wrapped up gone 11:15pm – over 3 hours 15 minutes of fun.

Pete M0PSX, hosting the Essex Ham Monday Night Net
Pete M0PSX, hosting the Essex Ham Monday Night Net


Thanks for making the first net of the year a cracker… Happy Hamming

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Thanks & Disclaimer

Essex Repeater Group LogoEssex Ham would like to thank the Essex Repeater Group for allowing us to use the GB3DA for our weekly net. This repeater, together with GB3ER, GB3DB and GB7ZP are managed by volunteers. ERG would appreciate your support which can be by membership or donation, online at
Please note that the Monday Night Net is recorded for the protection of our participants. Audio from repeaters around the UK, including GB3DA, may be streamed online and via web SDRs.
The views and opinions expressed by participants of the Monday Night Net do not necessarily reflect the views of Essex Ham.

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