Kelly M6KFA on the impromptu Thursday Net

Wow. Very impressed by the power of the tweet. Thanks guys and gal for taking part in an impromptu net this evening on GB3DA.

Essex Ham’s Kelly M6KFA doesn’t get a chance to get on amateur radio very often, but she took a break from recording her radio show to out a call on GB3DA. After no-one came back to her, Essex Ham put out a Tweet and Facebook message, and we were soon joined by 10 amateurs for a 40 minute net.

As requested, here’s the picture of Kelly this evening on GB3DA:

Kelly M6KFA on the Thursday the 27th of August Net
Kelly M6KFA on the Thursday the 27th of August Net

… You’ll note the scripts on the table for our radio show, FrequencyCast, which we finished recording shortly after the net!

The participants

  1. Kelly M6KFA, Southend-on-Sea
  2. Pete M0PSX, Southend-on-Sea
  3. Nick M0NFE, Westcliff
  4. Mitchell 2E0EMO, Loughton
  5. Neil G0RNU, Tilbury
  6. Paul G7BHE, South Woodham Ferrers
  7. Nick M0NIB, Brentwood
  8. Dave M1AMI, Colchester
  9. Peeyush M0JAI, Colchester
  10. Dorothy M0LMR, Basildon
  11. Steve M0SHQ, Maldon
  12. Mark 2E0DWZ, Norfolk

Social media

Twitter seemed to go a little crazy too. Messages and tweets from Wales, Scotland, Belgium, Finland and the US.

  • Women on the repeater. PANIC! @2e0emo
  • #Shackwine! ‏@MM0KFX
  • I have no idea why it suddenly got busy out there Neil G0RNU on Facebook
  • Def out of my range.VA3SII j could listen if it’s streamed though. From Facebook
  • Kinda sounds like you’re pimping the poor girl out! Hehe. George M1GEO on Facebook
  • Sexy Hams are active in your area. Register now for our secret CTCSS access tone. @M0PZT

So… it seems that the answer to how we get more people to use 2m – Get the YLs across the county to get on air, and use Twitter to spread the word! Another new way to promote amateur radio?

Tweets & retweets from 27 Aug 2015
Tweets & retweets from 27 Aug 2015

Again, thanks to all who joined at very short notice. If you missed Kelly, you’ll hear her voice again reading the recently updated Monday Night Net disclaimer. We understand that Kelly may be making an appearance on the next episode of the TX Factor – due out next week…

Thanks to the Essex Repeater Group for allowing us to have some fun on air tonight.


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