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GB1STG 2017 LogoThis event returns for its 4th outing at Galleywood Common on Sunday 23rd April.  As last year, we’ll be operating opposite the Horse & Groom Pub –  thanks to their wonderful hospitality (food+facilities).  We’re hoping for good weather, but Essex Ham’s resident gazebo will be attendance, if things don’t work out.

We are planning to have “main” stations on 40m and 2m with other bands subject to operators and conditions.  This is a great opportunity to enjoy some radio at a noise-free and high location: HF is quiet and VHF goes for miles – so if you have kit, please bring it!  We have band-pass filters for 40/30/20/17m so multiple HF stations can run together.

For those with a Foundation/Intermediate licence, the special GB callsign allows you to operate with “Full” licence privileges.

Assistance with station assembly and operating will be given, if needed.

All are welcome, regardless of club affiliation and the location is great for walking (150 acres) and the pub does a good lunch (12-2).  We hope to be on-air for 10am.

There’s some more info here: GB1STG on

Essex Hams supporting St George's Day
Essex Hams supporting St George’s Day

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