Essex 2m Activity Afternoon Nov 2016 Report

Thurrock Acorns ARC LogoSaturday the 19th of November 2016 saw another successful 2m activity afternoon run by the Thurrock Acorns Amateur Radio Club. This is a great idea for encouraging more activity on 144-146MHz, and Essex Ham was once again pleased to be able to promote, support and take part in this event, as it’s done with previous 2m Activity events.0

Thurrock Acorns were operating the following stations: FM, CW, SSB and SSTV, with lots of interest. Essex Ham’s callsign of MX0SXA was on-air throughout the event, activated by Pete M0PSX, who worked stations using on FM, SSB, SSTV and PSK31 during the Activity Afternoon.

Here’s a summary of stations worked by MX0SXA or M0PSX over the 4 hour period:

FM Simplex

  • Kevin G0PEK/M near Rochester
  • Charlie M0PZT, Chelmsford
  • Nick G4HCK, Grays
  • Gordon GX4HKO, Thurrock Acorns station
  • David M1ECC, Basildon

Via GB3DA, Essex Ham mini-net

A mini-net was run for about 50 minutes for those not able to make simplex contact on 2m. Here’s the list of participants:

  • Peter G0DZB/P, Near Colchester
  • Kevin G0PEK, Rochester
  • Dorothy M0LMR/M, Basildon
  • Dave M6GKV, Waltham Abbey
  • Edmund M0MNG, Sussex Firle Beacon (SOTA Ref G/SE010)
  • Paul G7BHE/M, Chelmsford-ish
  • Sarah M6PSK, Southend-on-Sea
  • GX4HKO, Rachel for Thurrock Acorns
  • Kristian M0SSK/P Langdon Hills (plus greetings from Zena)
  • James M6UKJ/P Langdon Hills
Pete M0PSX and Sarah M6PSK's shack in November 2016
Pete M0PSX and Sarah M6PSK’s shack in November 2016


Just one contact – thanks to Charlie M0PZT for the data mode QSO

PSK31 QSO on 19 November 2016
PSK31 QSO on 19 November 2016

SSTV Activity

  • Worked Nick G4HCK
  • Received images from Ricky, M6DII
  • Received images from Charlie M0PZT
  • Received partial image from M6RFW


SSTV Image Nov 2016 SSTV Image Nov 2016 SSTV Image Nov 2016 SSTV Image Nov 2016 SSTV Image Nov 2016 SSTV Image Nov 2016

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