Basildon JOTA 2014 GB1LC

JOTA JOTI LogoThe “Jamboree On The Air” (JOTA) station for Basildon operated on Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of October 2014 from the Kingston Ridge camp site, close to Basildon.

The event was run for the 1st Laindon, 9th Basildon and 1st Pitsea & Vange troops and was a busy two-day event that included the following:

  • Radio – Giving the cubs and scouts the chance to send amateur radio guest messages on HF and VHF
  • Balloons – Two High Altitude Balloons were launched, containing 70cms transmitters and GPS trackers
  • Creating QSL cards
  • CW – Make a Morse key and send a message
  • Codes & Cyphers
  • Electronics projects
  • Skype call with famous explorer James Ketchell

Event Video

Take a look at our short video for more details, or see our summary of Basildon JOTA Day 1

Basildon JOTA 2014 Video

Event Photos

Here’s a small collection of photos from the Basildon JOTA 2014 event:

Amateur Radio at the Basildon JOTA 2014
Amateur Radio at the Basildon JOTA 2014

Basildon JOTA Leaflet

Basildon JOTA from the Basildon Echo 21 Oct 2014
Basildon JOTA from the Basildon Echo 21 Oct 2014


Kingston Ridge Camp Site

The campsite is located in Basildon, Essex

  • Event callsign: GB1LC
  • LOC: JO01FM
  • WAB: TQ57

Well done to Mike G1KOT for the huge task in putting the event together for JOTA 2014

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