UK Amateur Radio Podcasts

Podcast LogoIf you’re interested in amateur radio, you might be interested in subscribing to one or more of the various UK amateur radio audio podcasts out there. Podcasts can be automatically downloaded to your computer, tablet or smartphone, for you to listen to at your convenience. It probably won’t surprise you that Essex Ham runs a podcast.

We couldn’t find an up-to-date list of UK amateur radio audio podcasts online, so we thought we’d create one!

If there’s one we’ve missed, let us know in the comments below.

UK Ham Radio Podcast List

Name Frequency Duration Content Apple Feed RSS Feed
ICQ Podcast Fortnightly 1-3 hours News, chat and interviews Apple RSS
TX Factor GB2RS Weekly 10-15 minutes The RSGB’s weekly news, read by a TX Factor presenter Apple RSS
Ham News, from Essex Ham NEW Weekly 1-3 minutes Short summary of main news stories Apple RSS
Essex Ham Occasional 5-30 minutes Occasional interviews & features Apple RSS
ML&S Podcast Weekly 30 minutes Martin Lynch’s Podcast, with news, guests and answers to questions Apple RSS
Portable Amateur Radio Podcast Weekly 10-30 minutes Carl 2E0EZT focuses on portable radio, satellite working, military radio in the UK Apple RSS
CQ-Serenade (Southgate AR News) Weekly 1 hour Produced by the popular Southgate Amateur Radio News service, this is a radio show broadcast on shortwave radio. UK news with music Apple RSS

Honorable Mentions

  • Radio Emma Toc World Service – An excellent shortwave radio show produced by Essex-based radio amateur Jim 2E0RMI
  • Digital Planet – BBC World Service technology show, presented by Gareth Mitchell M7GJM (trained by Essex Ham)
  • FrequencyCast – Not as regular as it used to be, this 30-minute show is a tech podcast presented by Pete M0PSX and Kelly M6KFA, and often featuring ham radio

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