Show Off Your Callsign

Licensed Amateur Radio Operator in Essex? Why not show off your callsign?

On this page, we list a few of the ways that you can show off the callsign that you’ve worked so hard for!

Callsign Badges and Shack Plates

Going to a rally, or club event? Help other hams identify you with a badge. Many of the badges worn by amateurs have been produced by Keith Roden from Stourbridge. He attends ham rallies and can custom-make badges to order. He can produce badges in various different colours, including the RSGB logo for members.  Shack Plaques are also available.

Ham Radio Callsign Badges
Some Amateur Radio Callsign Badges

Keith’s badges and plaque signs were originally on sale via Ebay. We have also found some alternatives – see Ham Radio Callsign Badges

Callsign Car Stickers

If you operate mobile, consider getting a car sticker to show off your callsign. With so few hams on the road, only the select few will recognise the logo and appreciate the callsign. A handy way to get to meet other hams on the road, and it makes a good talking point.

Until 2012, it was possible to purchase car stickers such as the one shown below from Dean 2W0XTP. Sadly, we understand that Dean is now SK. We have since found a similar sticker on offer from sheconto-graphics. Ham Radio Car Stickers on eBay

Amateur Radio Callsign Car Sticker
Amateur Radio Callsign Car Sticker


Callsign Web Address / Website

One of the best ways to help other hams find out more about you, your setup and your achievements is to create your own website. Creating your own website can be tricky if you’ve not done one before, so before diving into setting up a site, maybe just securing your web address is the first step.

Ham Callsign Website
Ham Callsign Website Address

Ordering your web domain name is quick and easy, and you don’t need to get into designing a website to order the domain name. Buying it means that no-one else can get it – Consider buying your callsign’s domain name using either  1 & 1 Internet, or the slightly more expensive Namesco (Note that if you order your domain name using either of these links, we get a small referral commission, which helps to cover our site costs).

At the time of writing, getting a domain such as costs just under £3 a year with 1 & 1. You don’t need to have a website – you can just buy the domain name, and forward it to your QRZ page. That means in a QSO, you could refer another ham to and they could see your callsign entry, photos, etc, and log a contact with you.

If the idea of your own site appears, then as well as the domain name, you’ll also need some webspace. There are a few free services out there, such as (which can be used for a free blog or basic website), or you could get a package (domain name and webspace) from the likes of Namesco, who host sites for two of the Essex Ham team.

See our How to get your own callsign web address guide for more.

Callsign Car Registration Plates

The ultimate for mobile hams would be to consider getting a numberplate containing your callsign.

Ham Radio Callsign Numberplates
Some of the ham callsigns available at the time of writing

The easiest and cheapest way of getting personalised car registration plates is to go to the DVLA’s website at, although if you’re looking for something more obscure (and are willing to pay a bit extra), then an online service such as Reg Transfers is worth a look.

If your callsign isn’t available, here are a few combinations you could consider: VHF, UHF, USB, SSB, LSB, HAM, PTT, PSK, ERP, DXR, ATU or ANT.

Other Ideas?

Any ideas for other ways to show off your callsign? Add them below


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