RSGB Inspire Interview

RSGB Inspire is a new Working Group within the RSGB, aimed at getting new people into the hobby, with a focus on how radio amateurs run public events and demonstrate radio as a hobby, the message that we communicate to the public, and our online web presense.

We caught up with Michael G0POT at the 2015 National Hamfest to find out more about this initiative, and how the group hopes to change the way that the hobby is promoted.

In the interview, Michael says:

“We don’t always do ourselves justice when we’re trying to encourage newcomers.

The work that we’re doing at RSGB Inspire aims to help give amateurs around the country the tools and knowledge that will help them to communicate what amateur radio is about to newcomers, and to inspire new people to join the hobby”

Pete M0PSX interviews Michael G0POT about trhe new RSGB Inspire initiative
Pete M0PSX interviews Michael G0POT about the new RSGB Inspire initiative

There are about 100 volunteers as part of the working group, communicating through the RSGB Inspire Forum. This is a Yahoo Group which is open to all and aims to share and discuss ideas and experience running Special Events and Demonstrations to members of the public to identify successful approaches to promoting Amateur Radio in the UK. You can join RSGB Inspire at

RSGB Inspire Interview

Michael G0POT, RSGB Inspire – Recorded at National Hamfest 2015 (5 mins, mp3 format)

Thanks to Michael G1KOT for talking to us, and good luck to all who are taking part in RSGB Inspire, with the aim of improving our own image and helping to grow the hobby.

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