Ofcom Starts UHF Allocation Review

Ofcom LogoOfcom has today published a “Call for Input” regarding management of the UHF spectrum (420-470 MHz)

The document released by Ofcom outlines that the current UK allocations in the UHF band are not aligned with the relevant European configuration plan and there is increasing demand to make use of UHF. This Call for Inputs marks the first part of Ofcom’s review of UHF spectrum allocation.

Call for Inputs

Weighing in at 53 pages, with an 86 page report from Aegis commissioned by Ofcom, reviewing this isn’t for the fainthearted, however an initial scan reveals two references that have the potential to affect amateur radio, and our current allocation (430MHz to 44MHz):

Ofcom document: “459.5 MHz was allocated prior to harmonised LE bands being made available at other frequencies. It may not be feasible to retain a UK only LE allocation in this band in the future given increasing congestion and availability of frequencies elsewhere. Likewise ongoing amateur use of this congested band may need to be reviewed.”

Aegis document: In the section referring to the use of a ‘Parking Band’, the document states that Another option might be to remove the Radioamateurs for a limited period.”

 The Call For Input closes on the 19th of February 2015, and can be found here: stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/consultations/420-470-mhz

Ofcom states: “… we invite views and comments on the questions posed in this CFI from stakeholders representing all incumbent users as well as those with a future interest in the 420 – 470 MHz band”

Our initial assumption is that the RSGB, acting as one of “stakeholders representing all incumbent users”, will be replying to the Ofcom CFI on behalf of UK radio amateurs, and it’s not clear whether it’s appropriate (or required) for individual radio amateurs to respond at this stage. We’ll update you if we hear more.

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