Danbury Morse Classes Restart Jan 2018

The following announcement is posted at the request of Andy G0IBN

Morse Classes restart in January 2018

After the Christmas break, Morse Classes will be starting again on Thursday, 18th January, 2018 at Danbury Village Hall, starting at 7pm.

We cater from the complete beginner to the operator who wants to improve his morse skills. If you are a complete beginner we will cover all the letters, figures and characters in 8 weeks.

We have a separate class if you would like to increase your morse skills.

Bring your morse key if you have one, pen and A4 sized notebook.

Come and enjoy the art of Morse code.

See the Chelmsford Amateur Radio web page for more details or to contact Andy – You do not have to be a CARS member.

Andrew Kersey G0IBN

 More on CW in Essex

Interested in learning Morse? We spoke to the Essex CW Club a few years back to find out more about learning Morse, and the local Morse courses:


More on Morse

If Morse is your thing, you might like to consider joining the Essex CW Group, and helping to further your CW interest, and promotion of Morse in Essex. Go to www.essexcw.org.uk

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