More ways to get a slice of Essex Ham

Essex Ham LogoAnnouncing a few new ways that you can find out about amateur radio events, activities and news in Essex.

As you’re no doubt aware, there are already a number of ways that you can get information, updates and media from Essex Ham. These include the following options:

In response to a couple of member requests, and to experiment with new ways of sharing information, we’re now available in some new formats…

Essex Ham on Instagram

I’ll be honest – I’m not sure about this one, but Instragram has just overtaken Twitter in the 2015 social media charts, so it would be remiss of us not to be available on this service. Instagram is all about sharing photos (in a format familiar to Twitter users). To get us started, we’ve uploaded a selection of the top photos from 2015. If you happen to do the Instagram thing, feel free to follow us – Looks like we’re one of a very small number of amateur radio groups to adopt it, but it’s worth a try. Follow Essex Ham on Instagram

Screenshots of Essex Ham on Instagram
Screenshots of Essex Ham on Instagram

Apple News

If you’ve just upgraded your Apple iPhone or iPad to the latest version of iOS, you’ll find a new app appear, called News. iOS9.1 saw the UK release of Apple’s new news service, and we’re proud to report that news from Essex Ham is now available in Apple’s latest service. You can search our stories and subscribe – we’re one of the few amateur radio services in the world to offer an amateur radio feed via this new service.

Screenshots of Essex Ham on Apple News
Screenshots of Essex Ham on Apple News

We’ve no idea whether Apple News will take off, and of course it’s only available on Apple devices. As an alternative, we’re also available from any news reader application that supports RSS or XML (which is most of them).

Podcast RSS FeedFor the latest amateur radio news from Essex, search for “Essex Ham” on Apple News, or from any platform, subscribe to the Essex Ham RSS Feed: Essex Ham RSS Feed

Podcast Feed

From time-to-time, we release video and audio files – a mix of videos of field days, interviews, promotional features or training material. The files are available from our site, but those with access to podcast catchers, iTunes or RSS readers can get new audio and video files from us as soon as they’re released. If this is something of interest, try the following links:

Screenshots of the Essex Ham Podcast on a smartphone
Screenshots of the Essex Ham Podcast on a smartphone

If any of these formats are likely to be of interest, or you know of a new way you’d like to see Essex Ham pass on information, please add a comment below, or get in touch.

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