Monday Night Net 25 Mar 13

Handheld MicrophoneHere’s a summary of the activity on the Essex Ham Monday Night Net this evening, Monday 25 March 2013.

Due to a problem with the net’s normal home of GB3DA, the net has moved to the Danbury UHF Repeater GB3ER. Details:

  • Output Frequency: 433.075MHz
  • Input Frequency: 434.675MHz
  • CTCSS Tone: 110.9Hz

The net started at 8:05pm on GB3ER, the local 70cm repeater for Essex. For details of the net, see

Here’s the attendance list for this week’s net:

  1. Pete M0PSX in Southend, in the chair
  2. Jim 2E0RMI in Chelmsford
  3. Tom 2E0TNC in Tiptree
  4. Phil M0IMA
  5. Fred M6BZW in Maldon
  6. Dean M6BYF
  7. Mike M0MMB on Canvey
  8. Ken M6BZS in Eastwood
  9. Gary G0BDY in Brentwood
  10. Rob M6KDP in Maldon
  11. Jim 2E1GUA in Writtle
  12. David M6AGX in Harlow
  13. Chris M6EDF in Danbury
  14. Luy M6ECG in Brightlingsea
  15. Dave M0WDG in Kent
  16. Lucy M6UCY on Canvet
  17. Ian M6IDG

We wrapped at 2240.

GB3DA update: Thanks to Tom 2E0TNC for explaining that getting access to the building that houses GB3DA is still a problem – paperwork and risk assessments make the world go round. For the latest, go to

Topics for the evening as follows:

  • Cable type. Westflex is excellent, but pricey. More standard cable will be RG213, or if not, then RG58. As Gary G0BDY suggests – always get cable with with on the side, just to make sure you know what you’re getting.
  • What does the panel think about stations calling “CQ DX”? And just what qualifies as DX anyway (outside your country? CQ zone? continent?)

Handy Links

  • None yet

No Pete Next Week: Advance notice that I won’t be running the Essex Ham net next week, April the 1st. Hopefully a few of you will keep the repeater warm in my absence.

This week’s Essex Ham Monday Night Net was on GB3ER, not the normal repeater of GB3DA. Please show your support for GB3ER and GB3DA by joining the Essex Repeater Group, or making a donation.

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