Monday Night Net 18 Nov 2013

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Tonight’s Net is on GB3DA – the 2m repeater in Danbury

The net for Monday the 18th of November 2013 started at 8:00pm on GB3DA.

Live Chat: The chatroom is running again tonight. Go to – We’re using new chatroom software – you’ll need to create a username (create chatroom account)

Here’s the attendance list for this week’s net:

  1. Pete M0PSX in Southend, in the chair
  2. Charlie M0PZT in Chelmsford
  3. Huw M6HTL
  4. James 2E1GUA
  5. Mitchell 2E0EMO
  6. Adam M0GWS
  7. Steve M0SHQ
  8. Tony G6EEE – Loving digi modes
  9. John G6SPH on Canvey
  10. Dave M0WDG
  11. Neil G0RNU
  12. Tony M6TET

Topics for the evening as follows:

  • HF vertical antennas – what are the options?
  • Counting countries – who’s hit 100 countries?
  • Why is Pete nicknamed Soapy?
  • What’s the typical gain of an 8 element Yagi on 2m? Feeling is that 10-12dBd is a rough guide

Tonight also saw the launch of a new piece of software, EssexPSK. This is a small and simple application that will help those unfamiliar with data modes to give it a try. Thanks very much to Charlie M0PZT for putting this together for us. Details here: EssexPSK Data Mode Application

EssexPSK - The Essex Ham PSK Decoder by M0PZT
EssexPSK – The Essex Ham PSK Decoder by M0PZT


Also, a quick plug for another regular net – the Thurrock Acorns meet simplex each Thursday night. Listen out on 145.500 at 19:30 while they find a frequency.

We wrapped up at 2310… thanks to all for joining in on the air and in the chatroom.

Any thoughts on tonight’s net? Add ’em below!

Controlling the Monday Night Net
Pete M0PSX, controlling the Monday Night Net

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