Monday Night Net 14 Oct 2013

Handheld Microphone

Tonight’s Net is on GB3DA – the 2m repeater in Danbury

The net for Monday the 14th of October 2013 started at 8:00pm on GB3DA.

Live Chat: The chatroom is running again tonight. Go to – Just put in your callsign to get in – no password needed

Here’s the attendance list for this week’s net:

  1. Pete M0PSX in Southend, in the chair
  2. Mitchell 2E0EMO
  3. Steve M1BWN, mobile in Essex
  4. Bruce M0XBS
  5. Jim 2E0RMI in Chelmsford
  6. Huw M6HTL
  7. Daniel M6DLE
  8. David G6LYM in Leigh-on-Sea (a rare contact, cheers David)
  9. Clive M3SSB
  10. Mark M6RKC
  11. Brian G1KPS
  12. James 2E1GUA

Topics for the evening as follows:

  • Discussion of the proposed Ofcom changes – See the Essex Ham Amateur Radio Ofcom Licence Review
    • Should amateurs be forced to progress from M3/M6? A unanimous “no” from the attendees
    • Plans to tidy up the database by limiting it to one-callsign-per-ham
  • A reminder that it’s the Essex Repeater Group AGM this Thursday. Details here: Essex Repeater Group website

We wrapped at 21:50 – Thanks to everyone for joining (or listening) – have a good week.

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Controlling the Monday Night Net
Pete M0PSX, controlling the Monday Night Net

Handy Links

  • Weather satellites: (thanks to James 2E1GUA for the link)

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