Monday Net 22 Oct 2012 Summary

Handheld MicrophoneMonday the 22nd of October 2012 saw a get-together on DA, aimed at the new M6 licence-holders, but welcome to all. Lots of people, and lots to talk about. Here’s a summary:

The attendance list for tonight was as follows:

  • M0PSX – Pete in Leigh-on-Sea, in the chair
  • M6BZS – Ken in Eastwood
  • M6BPK – Jim in Hullbridge
  • M6ECG – Lucy in Brightingsea (Building 20m Antennas)
  • 2E0TNC – Tom in Tiptree (congrats granddad!)
  • M6KDP – Rob in Maldon
  • 2E0RMI – Jim in Chelmford
  • G1KPS – Brian in Canvey
  • M6BZW – Fred in Maldon
  • M6GEJ – Glynnis, Hullbridge
  • 2E1GUA – James in Chelmsford
  • M0IEO – Mark on Canvey (explaining that the fog is causing the 2 metre ducting)
  • F4GYW – Nicolas in North France (Great skip conditions, and made for a good discussion!)
  • G0BDY – Gary in Brentwood (Bellowing at Bruges)
  • G0URK – Joel in Chelmsford
  • G1EFL – Martyn in Chelmsford
  • M6NXZ – Nikki, on a handheld at Writtle College
  • M0WDG – Dave in Kent
  • M0XLD – Paul, mobile in South Essex
  • G7FFI – Keith in Rochford
  • M6PSK – Sarah, taking us up to 21 participants, even if it was a last-minute cheat!

The topics discussed tonight included:

  • Repeaters, and how they like narrow deviation to reduce interference to other repeaters
  • The QRZ database appears to be down, due to an outage at Amazon web services
  • Requests for more information on SOTA (One for G1FOA?)
  • Setting up eQSL and getting cards from the RSGB Bureau

Talking to the ISS

One very smug Pete managed to send a packet to the ISS this evening, containing a word randomly picked by one of the Net participants. The word “Thames” was sent as packed and relayed to Europe from the International Space Station. As you can see from this screenshot from, the signal was picked up in Germany, Italy and Ireland.

Contact with the ISS during the net
Contact with the ISS during the Monday Night Net



… to everyone for taking part (especially our French guest star!) As a reminder, the GB3DA Danbury repeater is operated by the Essex Repeater Group – Donations are welcomed to keep the repeater running.

If you’re interested, happy to do the same next week – Monday the 29th of October

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