Making Contact With The ISS via Packet Data

Want to try to contact the ISS?

Received my signal via ISS Packet?

  • Please add a comment below to let me know you’ve received me!

How I track the ISS

Orbitron ISS Tracker
Tracking the ISS with Orbitron

How I send a packet

APRS Packet Data with UI-View
APRS Packet Data with UI-View

Is my packet heard?

  • Check to see which ground stations heard your packet at
ISS Packet Contact Reception
ISS Packet Reception confirmed

Get the ISS QSL card

  • If you’ve successfully worked the ISS, you may want to apply for the ISS QSL Card – Details here: European ISS QSL Bureau
The ISS QSL Card
The ISS QSL Card


If you’ve received my packet signal via the ISS, I’d love to hear from you. Please add a comment below to let me know the signal’s reached you!

Best wishes,

Pete M0PSX


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