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Ofcom have reset there database please re-revalidate your licence (No replies)

3 months ago
G4ZEK 3 months ago

Back in 2015 I remember seeing that Ofcom wanted you to revalidate your licence other wise they would revoked it this I did on the 20/10/2015 .

I remember seeing that this had to be done every 4-5 years so I thought I was ok for a few years but when I checked on there site today I could not even sign in .

I checked on the Ofcom web site and it seems that have changed there data base and every body has to re-register , Even after I re-registered it still did not know my call sign or my ID details so I have no idea whats going on but I will give them a call and find out if I need to reapply and send £20 or what ?

So if I was you I would check at the Ofcoms web site to see if your details are on there database .;












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