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Role of Amateur radio in ...

3 days ago
Hi all, Here some info about amateur-radio operators helping in the floods: 73! Jef ON8NT - OS8NT read

Elecraft Amplifier For Sa...

6 days ago
FOR SALE Elecraft 100-watt amplifier with built in tuner (KXPA100-AT) factory assembled complete with interface cable set (KXPACBL) cost new £1750.00 in as new condition from a pet free non-smoking home only £1150.00 plus carriage. When used with Elecraft radios the amp behaves like it is part of the radio but it can also be used with any other QRP radios automatically. This ... read

PD785 code plug help

1 week ago
Are Hytera radios any good for DMR? I have many talk groups in my scan list and I can only hear some but not all. This is getting really annoying because I can't find the problem or why its doing that. I'm missing a lot of traffic on GB7NS even though I have all the talk groups I want programmed in ... read

antenna experiments at th...

2 weeks ago
Bob GM4DLG talks about Saltwater, sand and safety - antenna experiments at the waters edge from practical and modelling aspects Wednesday July 14th at 7.30pm ( 1830utc) Zoom 842 5221 3056 Talk can be viewed afterwards on: 73! Jef OS8NT   read

RSGB [email protected] this week ...

3 weeks ago
Don’t forget to join us for Tonight @ 8 on Monday evening: RSGB EMC Chair, John Rogers, M0JAV will explain how to assess your station against ICNIRP EMF levels. Take this chance to hear from an expert and ask questions. FFI: #hamr read

The Story of Jodrell Bank

3 weeks ago
Thanks for the post. I really want to visit Jodrell bank. So this talk should be really interesting. read
3 weeks ago
The Story of Jodrell Bank is the next talk at Denby Dale amateur radio club. The speaker is Professor Ian Morison from the Jodrell Bank discovery centre. His presentation at Denby Dale is on Wednesday June 30th at 7.30pm ( 1830 utc). The meeting on Zoom is open to all interested in amateur radio and radio astronomy ! Zoom ID 842 ... read

HF Antenna length for Rec...

4 weeks ago
Hi Phil great to see another M7 getting on the air for RX the tuning of the antenna is not critical, the higher you can get it the better (as with TX)  if you plan to work HF with it later then you will need a current balun (choke) at the feed point of the Antenna to isolate the coax from the antenna ... read
4 weeks ago
Hello. I've recently strung up a 1/4 inverted V dipole for 20m (2x 5m lengths of wire). I don't have an HF transceiver, just an SDR dongle. How critical is the length of the antenna wire for reception? I cut my wires are bit long 5.4m so that I could trim them, but I don't know how critical it is for ... read

Don Keith N4KC speaks to ...

1 month ago
Don Keith N4KC speaks to the Denby Dale club on amateur radio acronyms and jargon ! Wednesday June 23rd at 7.30pm ( 1830 utc) Zoom ID 842 5221 3056 Don Keith is an active radio amateur and author of more than 35 books , fiction and non fiction including books about the hobby of amateur radio. His thrillers in the Hunter Killer series were ... read


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