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Portable operation

9 hours ago
Just received this via Parcel Force. My portable set up is coming together at last. Only a couple more items to get they i should be all set ready to go. read

Best Soldering iron?

5 days ago
I've been happy with my Antex XS25.Used to be able to buy bits in Maplin but those days are gone now. read
1 week ago Used this for the last two years as i have a habit of forgetting to turn off my iron until sometime after I have finished whatever I have been working on. Funnily enough now i have a temperature controlled iron i always remember to turn it off.   read


2 weeks ago
Has anyone used one of these? I bought the unit second hand and having downloaded the PDF for operation it occured to me that the dummy load connection may be able to be used (not tuned of course) to switch to a second tuned antenna. Has anyone tried this? Thanks, Caz read

Best Soldering iron?

2 weeks ago
Hi Max, My Weller has lasted just short of 50 years so far - spares still available. Too many irons now have iron bits either tin or copper plated as soon as the coating has gone the bit has had it. can't beat a good iron with a solid copper bit and quality solder. Chris G0 JEK. read
3 weeks ago
My old soldering iron has finally given up and I need a new one. I just received one in the post from eBay, unboxed it, switched it on, and... nothing. It was stone cold even after ten minutes. This item had literally hundreds of 5* reviews, which were obviously fake. Reboxed, labelled and posted back for a refund. So now I ... read

New C4FM Node for Essex

3 weeks ago
Thanks Terry. Have taken a note of FCS004036, I'll drop in. If you're into C4FM then the CQUK room at FCS00420 has plenty of activity with D-Star, DMR, C4FM & Zello connectivity can be fun and interesting. Perhaps you already know about it? Enjoy. 73 de G0APM read


3 weeks ago
Hello Paul I'm a user of the CQUK room via DMR, C4FM & D-Star. I have more recently seen users coming in in via 'Zello'. Have to admit I'm not familiar with this particular 'mode', is it a phone app? Perhaps you can enlighten me as to how this operates? 73 de Clem - G0APM read
3 weeks ago
Got my first iphone yesterday which was a hand me down after many years of nokia phones. Only got it so I can use it in the car with the apple play system. Anyway long story cut short I was having a qso with a couple of locals on 2 metres in the early hours and mentioned that I had ... read

For Sale

3 weeks ago
Hi, Also interested in the TH9800 and the CR8900 and possibly the Baofeng Speaker/Mic read


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