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Touch sensitive lights an...

9 hours ago
I have exactly the same issue and have yet to find a solution. The design of a touch lamp is extremely simple and does not lend itself to a solution. 73 Paul VK2APA read
2 weeks ago
My wife loves our Chinese touch sensitive bedside lights.  But I'm flashing CW with them on anything over 5w because they are crappy rf-sensitive circuits.  So are there any designers out there who can design a touch sensitive circuit board that won't flash CW with a whif of RF?  Trying to avoid divorce!!! read

Icom IC-7700 For Sale

3 weeks ago
I have an ICOM IC-7700 rig for sale. It is in original packaging, had very little use, excellent clean condition. Latest Firmware V2.20 installed. I am able to deliver it to you in Essex or Suffolk free of charge. £3000 - Cash on delivery. read

Best way to get on the ai...

1 month ago
Hi Dave, Thanks for the information, I'll keep that radio in mind.   read
1 month ago
Hi Dave, I'm looking at various transceiver radios for when I obtain my foundation licence, how are you finding the Xiegu-G90  Clive read


1 month ago
SOLD read

Best way to get on the ai...

1 month ago
The answer was no :) So i bought a Xiegu-G90 SDR HF Transceiver  read

1 month ago

Best way to get on the ai...

2 months ago
Hi all, first post, looks like a useful forum ;) Presume that i will get my foundation license, this is a hardware question.... I have a nice SDR setup - SDRPlay RSP1a & RSPUno software, plenty of aerials up on a pole I use FL-Digi and other software for decoding RTTY, FT8 and other non-voice comms. The software is internally piped from ... read


3 months ago
Iam a SWL and would like to use pi-star ( I have a Anytone 878 plus) is there anyway I can get going with pi-star read


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