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VHF/UHF bands

3 weeks ago
Hi there, great to hear you are promoting the VHF/UHF bands and amateur radio in general. The Potteries Amateur Radio Club (online club) has just been setup to encourage particularly portable operation by amongst others, Carl 2E0 EZT. He has a good You Tube channel. I live up on the Yorkshire Coast and it's pretty quiet up here and like ... read

problems with new tytera ...

3 weeks ago
Hi there, did you manage to get your MD 380 sorted yet? I'm not familiar with the MD 380 but I do have a bit of experience with the MD/PD7xx series radios. I believe your firmware has to match your CPS only the first 3 numbers have to match. For the password reset You'll need to select the "Reset Default Data" ... read

VHF/UHF bands

3 weeks ago
Hi I have just joined, I've just revalidated my license after taking a short break from Amateur radio but now I'm back again and I would like to support the VHF & UHF bands as they don't seem to be getting much use at the moment.  When I get a bit more time I'll be putting up some antennas. I have ... read

FT* Setup Settings

3 weeks ago
Hey Ron, there are settings in WSJT-X and settings in your IC-7300 to double check.  So you may want to try: WSJT-X.- Radio tab-Baud rate: 115200; Data Bits: 8; Stop bits:two; Handshake: Default; PTT Method: CAT; Mode: Data/PKT; Split op: Fake it; Audio tab-Input: Mic (USB CODEC); Output: Spkr (USB CODEC). IC-7300.- Menu>Set>Connectors>Data OFF MOD=MIC,ACC; Data MOD: USB; CIV>CI-V USB Port: Unlink ... read
4 weeks ago
I am trying to get my IC 7300 and computer interfaced (using windows 10 software) so I can work on FT8.  I am having two specific problems. First, I don't seem to be putting out any type of signal on my rig.  I think I have the sound and microphone and rig settings correct but I understand that sometimes you ... read

RSGB Callbook Lookup

1 month ago
Not in the Call book but according to - Rob WebbStratfordLondon e154dnEngland read
1 month ago
Hi - Anyone able to lookup an old friend of mine who I believe is still active on 20m? His callsign is G4KCS, Rob Webb last known by me living in Stratford  E London. read

sdr raspberry pi

2 months ago is not yet known if the very useful Raspberry Pi specific software known as RPiTX will continue to function on the new Pi 4. RPiTX is software that turns Raspberry Pi units into fully functional RF transmitters without the need for any additional transmitting hardware - just attach an antenna wire to a GPIO pin. It works by modulating ... read

Wanted for Icom IC-E92D

3 months ago
Wanted programming cable for an Icom IC-E92D read

Radio Caroline Visit

4 months ago
Myself and several others travelled down to West Mersea from Norwich to visit the Ross Revenge and to see GB55RC special call being used. Wow what a great day as most of us got into Radio via the offshore radio back in the 60s we all enjoyed the day and the tour of the ship. Certainly a day I will ... read


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