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Newbie here (2 replies)

10 months ago
Kippaxblue 10 months ago

Firstly I would like to thank you for accepting me. I am hoping to take my foundation course as soon as I am able to. Could anyone tell me if a Yaesu FT-230R 2metre rig would be a good starter ( when I am licensed) or would a cheap Chinese dual band rig like a Leixen VV-898 be a better short term bet till I progress to an intermediate license. Many thanks in advance. 

9 months ago
G0CBO.Rodney 9 months ago

Hello a very good question. The Yaesu FT230 R was a great radio but I think at this stage Chinese Dual Banders are a better buy. They have a surprising amount of features for reasonable money and looking to the future they are very handy if out walking or doing jobs around the home whilst monitoring the bands.

Best of luck with the foundation course, there are so many avenues to this hobby and I am sure you will enjoy.

Rodney G0CBO

9 months ago
Kippaxblue 9 months ago

Thank you very much for your advice sir. I am just wary of Chinese electrics. So have bought a yaesu ft 2600 and decided to save my money to buy hopefully something like a Yaesu ft 840 when I progress. I know it is an older model but a friend had one and I fell in love with it. At least having now got a radio it has made me determined to pass my foundation ASAP so I can set it up and use it.

Many thanks


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