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G2RD plus more (1 reply)

3 months ago
bala 3 months ago

I have labels on old 1930's photographs

G2RD was the Call Sign of Sgt Ron Dabbs but what do the other symbols mean?

Any help appreciated - thank you
3 months ago
G0SYR 3 months ago

Hi Bill,

Just happened to see your post regarding G2RD, He used to be a close neighbour of mine here in Caterham, Surrey. I didn't know Ron well but looking in my log I worked him in Feb 1972 a crossband QSO with me on 2 metres and G2RD on 70cm. The references you post refer to his transmitters and receivers.

The 1935 is referring to the 4th contact Ron had after he got his licence and received a QSL card for the contact.

The 1936 is referring to his transmitter which had 3 valves a

Crystal Oscillator- Buffer Amplifier-Power Amplifier which was a 6L6 valve

The 1937 refers to his RX (Receiver) being a 0-V-1 regenerative valve receiver and the TX (Transmitter) being controlled by a Variable Frequency Oscillator which was Doubled to the output frequency

You can see a typical regen receiver here

Just a little more info about where G2RD lived in Caterham. His house was next to Queens Park and on the opposite side of the park was where Gerald Marcuse G2NM lived he was famous for transmitting music and entertainment programs all over the world. There is a replica of G2NM's station at the Chalkpits Museum in Amberley. I also live on the third side of Queens park

Hope that answers your questions and is of some interest to you.

I would be be interested to receive copies of the photographs you mention if you have them scanned and I wonder how they came into your possession

73 de Bryan G0SYR

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