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Baofeng UV-5III Advice on Fake or not (1 reply and 2 comments)

3 weeks ago
cummingspaul 3 weeks ago


       Firstly can I say thanks to Pete MOPSX

I am new to this but I bought a Baofeng UV-5RIII as starter radio, they are a cheap Hand held radio, but how do I find out, Because i have my suspicions that i may have been sent a fake. I purchased from a UK website, being a service engineer for over 33 years, when it turned up the packaging and the quality of the items just don't seem right, I have checked the scam sites and they say because of the time trading it COULD be Legit, ( Because it has been selling for a number of Years on the same web address ), I have checked Youtube but unfortunately it has so many different conflicting reviews on how to spot a fake i am unsure  any help with this would be much appreciated at least i may be able to call out a scam website misleading people and then get a proper Radio and maybe get my money back  


Kind Regards 




2 weeks ago
Frederick 2 weeks ago

Hi Paul,


I have a UV-5R, do you have some problem with it that makes you suspect that it is a fake? 




2 weeks ago

Hello Fred I have been looking on Google and it says there are so many fakes out there the box and instruction manual just don't look right too generic, it also says if you connect to Chirp if the Firmware starts with an H its fake mine starts with an H but again I don't know if that's right ,although the radio has plenty of stamps in the plastic and the Ariel is stamped/Embossed with the Baofeng logo the labels/Serial Number Sticker on the radio and the battery do seem ok but printers nowadays can replicate this easily now i can pick up signals with it and listen i have a cheap Binatone ( no licence needed) walkie talkie that runs on 446mhz and it picks that up. I cant transmit because i haven't done my foundation course yet so it looks like it works but I just don't know ( a lot of work has gone into this if it is Fake)

2 weeks ago

So Update is, I Sent Photos to Baofeng genuine website and the good news is they have confirmed it is one of their Genuine Radios 

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