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Low HF Noise notebook pc for ham use (1 reply)

8 months ago
Simon 8 months ago

Appreciate some experience advises. What should i care for while building a new hf station?

My old pc is approaching end of life. What to look when choosing new notebook pc? 

Presumably, safer to stay with well known brands?

Is notebook lower hf noise than desk pc?

Says, which interference certification logo imply low or lowest HF noise? Fcc, vde, japan vcci? 

Many thanks

Peter M0PWX (2E0PWX)
8 months ago

Hi Simon

from what i see, desktops tend to give out less RFI than laptop due to their metal cases, BUT i do see a lot of RFI from my LCD Monitors (can tell its them as it dissappears when i turn them off)

my laptop gives more RFI than the desktop, but may be as the LCD panel is always on based on my observation of monitors on my desktop, and the third party power block i have gives out a load more RFI than the OEM one did before it died, but a couple of ferrites on input and output leads tamed that :)

to be honest i think you will have more issues with RFI in the shack coming in on the braid of the coax than from the kit in there

common pointers / clues to this will be mouse / keyboard unresponsive when TX (if so ferrites on the cables near PC end

sound card issues when TX if your doing digimode, (if so ferrites on the USB Cables, avoid USB hubs if possible)

current balun at feed point of antenna, and possibly ferrites where the coax enters the shack

endfed antennas create more noise and common mode issues than balanced antenna like dipoles

but every shack and installation is different

ferrites on leads mask the true issue of common mode interference on the coax or the shack to close to the antenna

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